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MSTrains is dedicated to providing realistic and unique model supplies not offered by the large companies. Since 2010, we have been fabricating Joshua trees for modelers around the world who appreciate the great Mojave Desert where these trees have been growing for thousands of years.

Living in Southern California, I grew up among Joshua trees and eventually began to seek ways of modeling them. I experimented for several years with various materials including ground foams, horsehair, and bottlebrushes, but eventually came across another more refined material that represents the yucca tips of the tree fully. The trunks are cast from pewter, holding realistic bark detail and providing a durable structure that won’t fall apart if bumped. At age thirteen, I opened business to the model community offering the first HO scale Joshua tree, and still the only in the United States. Since then, I have refined my product to meet the expectations of the most critical modeler.

Although my time is limited as I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I hope to eventually offer more products including N scale trees if demand can prove them successful. If you have any ideas for new items, feel free to contact me and I will consider them.

-Mason Clark
Founder of MSTrains

Copyright 2010, MS Trains