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Native to the Mojave Desert and other parts of Southwestern US is the Joshua tree! The Joshua tree consists of a trunk covered in rough fibers and Yucca-like plants growing out of each branch. Once an extremely difficult tree to model is now available ready to place on your desert layout! Each model faithfully represents the real thing which is detailed enough to be photographed up close! Joshua Trees are now available in sets of three for $39.95!

Set includes one large tree and two small trees.

* Natural shape and size
* No two trees are exactly the same
* Hand assembled and painted
* Realistic multi toned paint job that accurately represents the real thing
* Excellent bark detail
* Realistic yucca-like plant tips
* Planting pin mounted to the bottom of each tree for easy planting on your layout
* Strong metal construction
* Great for any desert layout or diorama

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